My name is Silvia Radan. I’m a British Romanian on a world tour.

When I was a kid, my first dream job was a sailor, then a train “driver”. At 12 years old I wrote a novel; it was about the adventures of two sisters. My neighbour and I used to read books, then prepare drama plays, assigning characters to the neighbourhood children; our favourite was the Greek Legends.

My passion for stories and adventures has never faded. Before I even graduated from the journalism university, I landed a reporter job for Romania’s top daily newspaper at that time. I was one of five reporters selected out of 300 candidates.

I was the only print journalist to be admitted at the BBC School of TV Journalism and I graduated first in class. I went on covering the end of the war in Bosnia and I worked as a photojournalist in Central Asia, based in Tashkent, for one year and three months.

I switched to social issues and travel stories when I settled in England. At some point, I worked for a photo-news agency, in the basement of the Old Bailey, the (in)famous criminal court in London. My work was published in The Times, The Guardian and BBC Online.

After eight years in England, I decided it’s time for a new adventure and the map (I’ve always loved exploring maps) took me to the UAE. In January 2006 I arrived in Abu Dhabi and in May 2006 I got my first job here – senior reporter for Khaleej Times newspaper, a job which I kept for 10 years. While here, I initiated the first art reviews for the newspaper and I established – and run – two weekly pages on features and photo-reportage on local art, culture, heritage and traditions.

In November 2016 I embarked on a freelance career in the UAE, working as a writer, editor and media consultant for various government and public companies.
My latest adventure into the world of written words is TRADITZIA, the first blog dedicated to the UAE (and Arab Gulf) art, culture, heritage, history and traditions, which I’ve launched in June 2017.

I’m also available to work as a writer/editor/journalist for any project you may have, anywhere in the UAE or beyond.